Normally when we organize an event, we want it to be completely unique and unforgettable. Unfortunately though, when it comes down to it, we choose the same backdrop and same experiences which mean that even if the event in itself goes well, the surprise element disappears.

Visiting a place like Puerto Peñasco is a fascinating experience. The infinite beaches and gorgeous scenery make it the perfect place to have some new experiences and disconnect from the routine that we have in our day to day lives.

10 events you can celebrate in Encanto Vacations:

  1. Hen or Stag do: there is nothing better than rounding up your best friends and hitting an exotic destination like Puerto Peñasco, to get ready for the best day of your life in style.

  3. End of university course trip: After all those years studying together the time comes when everybody will continue their professional journey along separate roads. A few dreamy days on these beaches of paradise are a great way to mark the end of an era and the start of a new one.

  5. Spiritual break: El Pinacate and Great Altar Desert are truly magical places. A few days in Puerto Peñasco are enough to bewitch you with their energy and achieve a total sense of wellbeing.

  7. Honeymoon: After having celebrated the day you dreamed about for so long, it’s time to spend a few days with your new spouse in an idyllic location. Puerto Peñasco’s beaches are the perfect photo backdrop to spend some time with the person you love most.

  9. Getaway for friends: it’s easy to lose touch when everybody goes about their daily life, but why not get together with that group of best friends you haven’t seen in a long time and reminisce. Through Encanto Vacations, you can organize that trip and have the time of your lives in Puerto Peñasco.

  11. Wedding anniversary: all those years together deserve a celebration. A stroll around Cholla Mall eyeing up cute artisan souvenirs can be fun and exciting at the same time.

  13. Sporting holiday: If you are more of a sporty person than a chill out on the beach kind of person, you have a lot of options in Puerto Peñasco. From underwater activities to adventure parks, the options to keep that body moving are endless.

  15. Modeling session: white sand, crystal clear waters, and a flawless blue sky are the perfect landscape for model photography. If you want original photos, this is the best place.

  17. Retirement: after years of work, a treat like this is well deserved. Now you have real-time exclusively for you, and it is your time to enjoy yourself. Traveling to this dreamy place is a great way to start this new phase in your life.

  19. R&R therapy: if what the doctor orders is rest and relaxation, there is no better way than lying on a sunbed on the Sandy beaches of Puerto Peñasco and gazing out to sea.