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Become a Kivoya Partner
As a property owner, you’ve already spent a great deal of time and money in purchasing your property. Rest assure that Kivoya is the company that will manage your property effectively and increase your return on investment. Kivoya makes it easy —and more profitable — for you.  
We offer a high level of professionalism, outstanding customer service, an extensive knowledge of the area, and great use of technology. From listing your property to providing value-added services, Kivoya is your one-stop route to higher earnings.
We pride ourselves on treating each property as unique and we are dedicated to giving your property the special attention it deserves. We look forward to building a successful long-term relationship with you.

Simply stated, we care about your investment. Our goal is two-fold: to offer outstanding services for you and your guests and to ensure that your property generates significant income for you.

We approach these goals from a distinctive perspective — that of a homeowner. We have been involved with Encanto and Luna Blanca since their inception. As developers and condo owners ourselves, we bring a first-hand knowledge about the value of your property and the expectations of guests.
We do all the work for you. We save you time and money. From marketing to tax payments, our seamless approach means that you can relax knowing your property is in capable hands.
We know that as an owner of a luxury property, you deserve an elevated level of professional services. 
Our office is located just outside the entrance to both Encanto and Luna Blanca with qualified staff on site and on call. Our staff will greet new guests and be on site or available by telephone after hours to attend to their requests. Our team handles reservations at most times during the day to provide a smooth guest experience. In addition, our local manager is always on call to handle emergencies and urgent matters.
We take care of everything, from marketing to management so that you can enjoy a hassle-free experience regarding your property rental. We handle advertising, listing, setting rates, making reservations, responding to guest inquiries, obtaining permits, hiring housekeepers and contractors, providing supplies and offering on-site maintenance.
For your convenience, we also offer bill payment services and tax payments to Mexico.
We position your property as a luxury retreat with amenities that exceed guests’ expectations.
We maintain extremely high standards for cleanliness with a dedicated staff trained to meet our specifications.
In order to ensure that your property is maintained in excellent condition we have implement company-wide systems including:
  • Our own cleaning staff, hired by us.
  • Regular housekeeping inspections. We also inspect and stage every unit before your guests check in.
  • Close coordination between housekeepers and on-site local manager.
  • Task checklists, customized to each home’s specific requirements.
  • Supply checklists to ensure homes are adequately stocked prior to each guest’s arrival.
Encanto Vacations is proud to provide its housekeeping staff with a highly competitive wage while keeping cleaning fees in line with industry norms. We view housekeeping as a key factor that adds value to your investment and to guest satisfaction. For that reason, Encanto Vacations covers the cost of consumable supplies for our guests and cleaning supplies for our housekeepers.
You can rest assured that your property is being attended to at all times. We have dedicated full-time on-site maintenance personnel qualified to handle a variety of issues. When maintenance service is necessary, we charge conservative hourly rates appropriate to the location. In order to ensure the upkeep of your property, we have developed relationships with local contractors who can provide a higher level of professional service when needed. However, we do not charge you any additional fees over what they charge us. We believe that it is important that we establish a good-faith relationship with you and this is one way that we do it.
Of course, we are happy to work with any contractor or repair person that you designate.

We take the worry out of paying taxes and ensure that you avoid paying tax twice.
As in your home country, generating income in Mexico requires the payment of taxes. Given our extensive knowledge of Mexican government regulations, we are pleased to offer this value-added service to you to ensure that you are in compliance with Mexico’s tax and real estate laws.
Even if you are not a resident of Mexico, you are still able to rent your condo,  the process is extremely simple and completely legal. We can provide additional detail as needed. If you already are working with someone regarding your tax payment, we can work with that person as well, we are here to work with you and for you in the best way possible for you.
We take great care in screening potential renters. In the booking process, we do our best to identify renters who do not have the financial resources or have a poor credit history of making late payments. We do not consider people who have received negative reviews on reservations sites nor people writing from college email addresses. Furthermore, we meet and greet each guest upon arrival as a final check. In addition, guests are encouraged to purchase rental insurance to have protection and be able to cover any damages that may occur.  Guests sign extensive waivers upon check in to protect you and your asset.
There is no limit on the owner’s use. We do not put any restrictions on when you can use your home. It is your home to stay in as you please. Of course, if it is already rented, we do ask that you honor that commitment. 
For your convenience, we provide income and expense reports. We provide monthly statements that detail your gross rentals, your operating costs and your net income.  We also provide you with an end-of-year accounting summary for all rental income and all expenses paid on your behalf during the year. If we handle bill payments and Mexican tax payments for you, we will provide the appropriate documentation and receipts for tax deduction purposes and to avoid duplicate tax payments.
Guests can rest assured that some one is able to assist them at any time day and night. We provide them with after hours emergency personal cell phone numbers. 
We know that choosing a rental management company is not an easy decision. There are many important factors to consider. Ensuring that your property is generating revenue requires expert attention and can be very time consuming. Kivoya offers you an easy solution to a complex issue. We take care of everything. As homeowners and renters ourselves, we strive to make your property an attractive rental that generates higher-than-expected income for you.
Please contact us so we can explain in more detail how our services can benefit you.
Thank you for considering Kivoya!