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owner testmonials

Very professional rental service

I must admit, Bruce and I hesitated renting our beautiful condo at Luna Blanca! However, we wish to thank the Kivoya team and your cleaning staff for your very professional rental service. Upon our arrival after renters depart, we are pleasantly surprised at the excellent condition we find the condo; the placement of furniture, windows and floors gleaming, etc. Just as we left it. Not to mention the way the billing and financial matters are handled.

Darleine & Bruce

The management is above par

Since we started working with Kivoya we have been able to relax and enjoy being owners of an oceanfront condo. The entire team is truly professional, from cleaning, to maintenance, to check-in personnel, you name it, they know what they are doing. The management is above par and does not hesitate to act at any time of the day or night when things are needed.

Estela & Peter

Entire team is very personable and responsive

I’ve owned a condo in Rocky Point for over a decade and last year we signed an agreement with Kivoya to manage our rentals. Our rents have gone up 50% and their entire team is very personable and responsive. I highly recommend Kivoya to anyone that owns a rental property.


We could not be happier with our decision

We recently bought our wonderful condominium at Encanto Living and fall in love more each time we go visit. Unfortunately, we cannot be there all the time and the three of us decided early on that we wanted to rent out our unit so others could share in the joy and beauty that Encanto Living has to offer. At first, we thought we could do it ourselves but after meeting with Armando Murrieta of KIVOYA we decided there was no way we could do everything KIVOYA had to offer. They are there 24/7, they do the check in and check out, they do the cleaning, they pay our bills and do all the accounting and they make sure everything is absolutely perfect. We could not be happier with our decision to use KIVOYA. We highly recommend them to all homeowners in Encanto Living.

Stacy, Claudette & Muriel

The Kivoya team made everything very simple for me

I hesitated about renting my vacation home in Chapala for a long time, now, I am glad I went for it with the right partner. Since the beginning, the Kivoya team made everything very simple for me and they do to this day. Basically I simply agreed to work with them and they have handled things ever since. I could not be happier. I have many rents, if anything ever happens with a guest they are always responsive, they have given me outstanding service so far.


we do not have to worry about a thing

Kivoya has been great. They have been like a trusted friend and a professional executive wrapped together. They have helped and instructed me along the way, making it very easy and affordable to make my property look great and be ready for rental and at the same time they have taken care of everything to make renting a reality. My house has been rented well beyond my expectations. We are making money with Kivoya and we do not have to worry about a thing. We highly recommend giving Kivoya a chance when looking for a professional to manage your home. They help me make more money than I could ever make if I was doing this on my own.

Lizbeth & Ben