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Our team is composed of people with training and knowledge in hospitality. This allows us to understand and provide guests with the quality of service they deserve. At the same time, our diverse experience is the perfect combination to provide you, as a homeowner, the level of service, professionalism and dedication you deserve.

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Kivoya is composed of an amazing team. Each member brings unique qualities that make the team a very strong one. Below you will earn only about some of the people that make the magic happen, however, there are more than 20 people working at any given time to give guests and owners the level of service and quality that sets Kivoya apart as the premium vacation rental and property management company in the markets it is in.

ALMA CHAVEZ – CEO and Founder

Alma’s business experience spans more than 16 years. After graduating from the Master’s Program at Harvard Business University in 2001, Alma worked for Siebel Systems, a CRM software company in its hospitality branch. Shortly after she discovered her business vein and decided to start a new business. As a co-founder of Habitat Contract, Alma sold and distributed high-end interior and exterior furniture to many world-class hotels. For a while, Alma worked as a purchasing consultant for Grupo Vidanta, a role in which she negotiated millions of dollars in products purchased for the company. Later, in 2005, the opportunity to become a developer took Alma to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. There, she developed Encanto Living, a luxury building of 37 condominiums with wonderful views of the sea. Because of the greatness of the project and all that I bring to the people who trusted it, one can say that Alma is a person who enjoys serving and giving the best of herself. A few years ago, Alma decided to found Kivoya, a vacation rental and property management company that until the beginning of 2019 has served almost 40,000 guests with more than 19,000 reserved nights. Kivoya has operations in Puerto Peñasco, Vallarta, Manzanillo, Chapala, and Madrid.

When Alma does not spend her time with Kivoya and the Kivoya team, she devotes her time and attention to her husband and six children. If she ever have an extra spare time, she loves to read, watch movies, travel, and hang out with friends.


Jorge Almena graduated from the Polytechnic School of Madrid with a degree in Architecture, and continued with higher studies in Structural Calculations and Systems Installations obtaining master’s degrees in both fields. After having worked for many years in the field of architecture in Spain, his native country, Jorge decided to become an entrepreneur. Since then he has started several successful businesses of which he continues to be an active partner. Jorge is also a partner in Kivoya and is an integral part of the business. His international experience, his knowledge of construction and design, and his passion for service make Jorge a wonderful fit with Kivoya since vacation rentals require all of the above.

When Jorge does not spend his time with Kivoya and the Kivoya team, Jorge enjoys reading about philosophy, technology and artificial intelligence, and spending time with his wife and six children.


Eduardo’s professional experience is over 18 years, he graduated from the Faculty of Accounting and Administration in the city of Acapulco, Gro. In 1995, he began his experience at the Hotel Marparaiso Queen as food and beverage manager, subsequently and in search of new challenges he collaborated in the Manuel Duran Silva Law Firm, as auditor. For the year 2001 moved to continue growing in his work experience; he was given the opportunity to work in the company Construcciones Hoteleras, SA de CV, this company is part of the Vidanta group, started as tax manager, then gave the opportunity to occupy the position of general accountant of the company. The main activities were the supervision, financial, accounting and tax of the company, supervising the places of Acapulco, Cancun, Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Peñasco and Los Cabos, as a result of his dedication that Eduardo held the post of General Comptroller in 2004 , having in charge of an important group of accountants and their financial team in Construcciones Hoteleras, SA de CV and Construcciones Dinamicas, SA de CV, which are dedicated to the construction of hotels of the Mayan Palace chain, as well as building of condominiums, a machinery rental company Maquinaria Hotelera, SA de CV and a condominium management company, Inmobiliaria Inmobiliaria Mayan Island, SA de CV.

When Eduardo does not spend his time with Kivoya and the Kivoya team, he likes to be with his family at home, to read, to go to the beach.

ALMA ROSA GONZALEZ- Guest Experience Manager

With more than 24 years of experience in the hotel sector. Alma Rosa has experience in departments such as housekeeping, reservations, call center, customer service, and revenue management, among others. She has worked in world-renowned hotel establishments and is passionate about good service. Her ability with languages ​​and her passion for good service are something that set her apart. She has been part of Kivoya since 2017 and is currently the call center director.​

CARMEN CAÑEZ- Puerto Peñasco Manager

Carmen studied law at university, however, her life led her to work in the area of ​​operations and services for more than 10 years. Carmen has experience in vacation rental companies and has shown great charisma and commitment to her work. Carmen is currently responsible for customer service, property supervision, maintenance coordination, and coordination of the cleaning team, among other tasks.​

GERARDO LOPEZ-Puerto Vallarta Manager

With experience in the field for more than 8 years, he has worked with companies dedicated to Vacation Rentals, where he has mainly contributed to the attention of guests, and with us he has achieved the best reviews for the properties with which we work, he currently works as area manager in Kivoya Puerto Vallarta and Nayarit, giving 100% to his management, relating perfectly with each and every one of our owners in the area.


She has a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Guadalajara, she has 11 years of experience in high-performance companies. Abby is responsible for the Kivoya brand to stand out and offer quality in all the company’s visuals. Her level of professionalism and dedication make Kivoya a better company thanks to her ability to adapt to always face new challenges that foster continuous improvement.