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Puerto Peñasco leaves nobody indifferent. This beautiful city situated on the Gulf of California coast has an infinite stretch of beaches which attract a multitude of tourists every year. The breathtaking scenery and numerous sights to see make this one of the most visited destinations in the north of Mexico.

One of the most attractive places in Puerto Peñasco is El Pinacate and Gran Altar Desert. Due to its volcanic activity and great diversity of flora and fauna, the area has become of specific interest to scientists as well as the flocks of tourists who come to check it out from all over the world. There is a wide range of bird and reptile species which will fascinate almost anyone. Some of these species, such as the tortoise de monte, are protected as they are in danger of extinction.

The 8 special times to take a cruise around Puerto Peñasco are:

  1. Honeymoon: Now you are finally married there is no better place to take a cruise through the crystal-clear waters of Puerto Peñasco and see the beauty that this location has to offer its visitors. What a wonderful way to start your new life together.

  3. Birthday: maybe you are reaching an important milestone and fancy doing something different – giving yourself an unforgettable present. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, taking a dip in the sea at one of the stunning beaches in Puerto Peñasco will make sure that your birthday is one to remember. Apart from the beaches, there are numerous sights to see and a range of activities so you will never get bored.

  5. Wedding anniversary: Silver or Golden wedding anniversaries are not something you celebrate every day. A nice way to surprise your partner is a cruise around Puerto Peñasco to remind yourselves of all the time you have spent together. You cannot miss the range of existing cultural sights that the place has to offer, and you will never once be bored.

  7. End of course trip: after all that time studying together it’s time for everybody to go their separate ways. Just before you bid your farewell, why not take some time in the warmth of Puerto Peñasco tasting some tequila with the beaches as your backdrop – one of life’s simple pleasures.

  9. Retirement: It’s the start of a new chapter in your life. The years of grafting have finally come to an end and it’s time to think about you. The best way to welcome this stage of life is a visit to Puerto Peñasco, maybe wandering around one of the artisan markets or simply laying on the beach and letting your worries float away.

  11. Recovery from an illness: Sometimes we, unfortunately, get ill, and we can feel weak and not fancy doing anything for weeks or even months. As our strength starts to come back, it is the perfect time to take a trip, for example, a cruise around Puerto Peñasco and say goodbye and good riddance to the bad times.

  13. Celebration of friendship: You and your best friend remember exactly when you met and so many years of friendship deserve a big celebration. Come snorkel in the water of Puerto Peñasco and discover the many aquatic species is not something you can do every day.

  15. Valentine’s Day: for those that are in love, treating your partner to a cruise around Puerto Peñasco is the perfect present on such a date.