If you choose Puerto Peñasco for your next holiday destination, you’ll be sure to try some of the great traditional cuisine. The booming growth of the city has lead to more and more restaurants opening where you can try some of the local cuisine. Let your tastebuds explore and you’ll discover that dining in Puerto Peñasco is a pure delight! ¡Ándele!

Puerto Peñasco is a Mexican city located in the north-west of Sonora state. Even though its history goes back to the 19th Century, settlements in the area didn’t become permanent until the 1920s. Its Desierto de Altar, fishing, its mild climate, tourism and its cuisine make our destination Puerto Peñasco a paradise for travellers. You can enjoy its culture in the Governers’ Square Plaza de Los Gobernadores, the Culture House Casa de la Cultura or the Municipal Art Gallery Galería de Arte Municipal. You can explore its streets and beaches, do some sport or admire the sunset, but all this after filling an empty stomach. You’ll need the energy! Eating in Puerto Peñasco should be on the to-try list of any lover of Mexican cuisine.

As such, you should know there is more to the cuisine than burritos and avocado. Eating in Puerto Peñasco means enjoying their delicious seafood offerings. The most popular dishes are prepared with freshly caught ingredients from the sea, with prawns being the star of the show. You cannot leave without trying Costa Brava Prawns Camarones Costa Brava, stuffed with cheese, wrapped in strips of bacon and marinated in a sauce made of apple, honey, butter and wine. This is typically served with rice or salad.

Another typical dish to try if you decide to eat in Puerto Peñasco is the typical Shaken Fish Pescado Zarandeado, which is flavoured with onion, garlic and chilli and then wrapped in banana leaves to then be grilled on hot coals. And what about Caguamanta? A feast made of fillets of manta ray, fried in pork fat with spring onions, celery, carrot and chilli sauce. The cuisine in Puerto Peñasco also includes dishes prepared with fried beef in a spicy sauce served on tortilla wraps.

If you eat in Puerto Peñasco you will need to complete the hard work with a delicious dessert. The Coyota is like a flour tortilla with a sweet filling which is then baked. They are typically filled with powdered brown sugar or guava but there are other varieties too. One drink you’ll have to try is the delicious Banacora, a liquor which resembles tequila. There are lots of restaurants, especially in the port area where you can try some of these delicious dishes, although if you are not feeling very adventurous you will also have a wide selection of international cuisine and other more well-known Mexican dishes.

So eating in Puerto Peñasco is the perfect opportunity to sample some of the spicy flavours of Mexico. The Aztec soup, arrachera meat or meat in gravy Jalisco style are a few more dishes typical in Mexico. The star ingredients include refried beans, chillis, tomatoes, corn and herbs, and not forgetting poultry such as turkey or guajolote as it is known in the area. Let’s not forget Mexican sauces and even a few insects, like the chinicuiles or Maguey worm.

When you come to Mexico you can try some delicious Mexican favourites like Pozole, a soup made with corn and meat; Mole, delicious meats seasoned with chilli and other spices; Enchiladas, corn cakes filled with seasoned meat and topped with cheese; Chiles en Nogada, pork with spices and fruit such as apple, banana or pear; Conchita Pibil, marinated pork wrapped in banana leaves; Pambazo, fried bread with meat or sausage in red sauce; Tamales, corn or banana leaves filled with chicken, pork and raisins; Tacos al Pastor, flour tortillas filled with meat, pineapple, lemon and spicy sauce. Nachos with cheese and guacamole are a classic that no table can be without in Mexico.

So there you have it, a selection of traditional dishes from Mexican cuisine, in particular, some of the dishes you must try if you eat in Puerto Peñasco. Tuck in! ¡Viva México!