Have you decided to visit Puerto Peñasco for your next holiday and are wondering what sport activities you can do while you’re here? Apart from the delicious cuisine, long and beautiful beaches and a great range of cultural landmarks, Puerto Peñasco has everything a fitness fan needs. The ideal city to practice a whole variety of sport and leisure activities. You just have to decide which ones you want to do!

If you are looking for the perfect combination of sand, sun, and sport, renting an apartment in Puerto Peñasco is beyond a shadow of a doubt the best destination for your next holiday or getaway. Among a host of other exciting things to do, Puerto Peñasco is one of the hottest holiday destinations in the south of Mexico chosen by sports lovers everywhere. With its moderate temperatures, all year round, renting an apartment in Puerto Peñasco is bound to ensure you plenty of outdoor fun through sport. Lots of sport. Here are just some of the activities you can try out while you’re here.

  1. Jogging. Running along the shore is a pleasure in every sense, as well as being one of the most difficult Sports but one that uses almost every muscle. The miles upon miles of coast and seaside promenade are great options whether you are professional or simply want to keep fit.

  3. Sailing. Sailing and budding sailors form part of the horizon in Puerto Peñasco. So much so that some people rent an apartment in Puerto Peñasco with the sole intention of spending time on the water at the will of the wind.

  5. Motorsport. Like any great Mexican city, Puerto Peñasco is a biker city, especially on the outskirts and along the desert roads. With raging engines and the sun in your eyes, it’s your very own Need for Speed.

  7. Fishing. For those with a more tranquil taste, fishing is another option. Did you know fishing is historically one of the main economic activities in the area?

  9. Diving. Discovering what lies beneath the surface is a definite option for those of you who decide to rent an apartment in Puerto Peñasco. Enjoy everything the sea has to offer when diving, another of the many activities you can enjoy in Puerto Peñasco.

  11. Volleyball. A few games of volleyball in Puerto Peñasco is a great way to enjoy the warmth of the beaches and miles of sand. It is one of the most in-fashion Sports in the city.

  13. Sandbiking. You can also have a go at sand biking given that this city is home to kilometric stretches of sand that make this the perfect destination in the south of Mexico.

  15. Off-roading. Big cars, big wheels and the Sonora desert. Off-road racing is one of the most asked about Sports in Puerto Peñasco.


Do you like sport? Renting an apartment in Puerto Peñasco is an option you should keep in mind.