If you are looking for something similar to paradise for your next holiday, look no further than this picturesque port city situated in the Mexican state of Sonora; Puerto Peñasco. How can we get to Puerto Peñasco from Spain? This week we are explaining to you how to get to Puerto Peñasco, so you can concentrate on the other aspects of your trip!

For now, it is impossible to travel directly from Spain to Puerto Peñasco, because although this Mexican City is connected through Mar de Cortés International Airport, there isn’t a flight that travels the 9,278 kilometers that separate Madrid from Puerto Peñasco. The time difference between our country and Mexico is eight hours, which is worth keeping in mind if we want to avoid our trip to Puerto Peñasco becoming an exhausting odyssey.

So how do we get to Puerto Peñasco? From Madrid Barajas airport we can take a flight to Yuma International Airport (Arizona, USA). In between 18 and 20 hours we can be on American soil, for a return cost of around 900 euros depending on the company. Once we have landed in Yuma, we can either hire a car or take a bus to Puerto Peñasco, taking the 95 road. This trip will take around four hours (340 kilometers) Going by car from the west will take us on the coastal road of the Golfo de Santa Clara whereas if we go from the east we’d have to take the Caborca road. On the way, we will go past the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve.

Another option would be to get to Puerto Peñasco taking a flight from Madrid to Mexicali, although it would take a bit longer (more than 20 hours) and the return flight would be over 1,000 euros. Once we arrive in Mexicali (capital of Baja California) we would take a bus, taxi or a car which would take around four hours. Add some more time in the case of catching the bus. From Mexicali to Puerto Peñasco it would costa round 20 euros by car or bus, and from 50 to 60 euros if we went in a taxi. There is also a train line that connects Sonora Baja California with Mexicali from Heroica Guaymas Port.

It is also possible to get to Puerto Peñasco by train, although not directly. In Madrid we can take a flight to the Mexican city of Chihuahua, this journey would take around 20 hours. Once there, we can take a train to the city of Los Mochis and from there take a bus which would drop us off in Puerto Peñasco is a question of ten hours. One last alternative would be to take a flight from the Spanish capital to Hermosillo (around 20 hours for 800-900 euros) and then take a car from there to Puerto Peñasco, which would take about five hours. We can take the coastal road or the inland road, the latter would shave some time off our journey.

Once we have arrived in Puerto Peñasco, you will be seduced by the city’s charming features and tourist attractions. The beaches resembling paradise in this northwestern city in the Mexican state of Sonora, are one of its main focal points. Although it is historically a fishing town, this Mexican enclave depends greatly on tourism. It is estimated that 2.5 million people visit Puerto Peñasco every year. Why is that? It is the ideal place to rent an apartment and spend your holidays, escaping the cold chill of the Spanish winter to enjoy the temperate climate of the Mexican coast in summer. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a beautiful boat trip in Puerto Peñasco!

Another reason to visit is that Puerto Peñasco is a great destination to celebrate your wedding, with its extensive sandy beaches, crystal-clear water, and stunning sunsets that make the perfect photo backgrounds for when you say ‘I do,’ to the person you love most. Once you have arrived in Puerto Peñasco, be sure to visit some of the hottest attractions the city has to offer, including the Culture House, Municipal Art Gallery, Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Francisco León García Studium, Governors’ square, Camarón (Prawn) Square with its emblematic monument and the Pez (Fish) Monument. Make Puerto Peñasco your next destination!