Lent is getting closer and with it, Carnival is arriving in Puerto Peñasco. If travelling to this Mexican city at any time of the year is a delight for all of your senses, get ready to enjoy the essence of Mexico in all its splendour. Colour, lights and fun! From the 3rd – 5th March we’ll be waiting for you at the Puerto Peñasco Carnival.

Puerto Peñasco, situated in the northwest of the Mexican state of Sonora, has a great climate and at this time of year, it is particularly desirable because of the sun, which makes it the ideal destination if what you are looking for is to disconnect from the daily grind, even just for a few days. Even though its history, its culture, its beaches, its cuisine and its people make it the perfect place for a visit at any time of year, the city comes alive amongst the sound of whistles and drums when Puerto Peñasco Carnival arrives. What are you waiting for? Get to your travel agency!

Puerto Peñasco offers us a wealth of dates throughout the year to mark down on our calendars, like the International Jazz Festival, the Marine Fair, the Cervantino International Festival and the Christmas Festival. However, just like in other parts of the world Puerto Peñasco also puts on its biggest party to welcome the period of lent. Puerto Peñasco Carnival is recognized locally and internationally as one of the coolest places to enjoy Carnival. All eyes are on Rio de Janeiro, but if you travel a little further north, you’ll find a once in a lifetime carnival experience.

The motto “Viva Puerto Peñasco!” or Long live Puerto Peñasco can always be seen flying at the top of the mast in order to celebrate this great fiesta, whose support from even from the local government allows thousands of locals and tourists to congregate near the port. Visit Puerto Peñasco during carnival and you’ll learn what a real carnival is. You’ll see how people from all walks of life, education and business and people of all classes come together for a colourful procession where allegorical carriages all form part of the parade. Every year the crowds pay homage to the fishing industry, especially to the shrimp industry, symbolic of Mexico. The procesión is the focal point of a celebration which continues to grow year by year and continues over a period of days from dawn until dusk, and even then the party continues with a popular street disco where young people can also join in the festivities of their town.

Puerto Peñasco Carnival, and carnival in Mexico, in general, has tremendous legendary value for its people and is only second to the festival held in honour of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The history of Carnival in Mexico goes back to the 16th Century, when various celebratory rituals arrived in Mexico from Europe. In Mexican Carnival, you’ll see characters such as the Grim Reaper and the Devil.

In 2017, Puerto Peñasco Carnival will be celebrated from the 3rd – 5th March, decorating the streets with garlands and bringing music groups, theatre plays, carnival groups from Puerto Peñasco and Guaymas and parades of enormous centennial carriages (around ten). Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Puerto Peñasco Carnival is different from those we traditionally see in Spanish locations such as the Canary Islands or Cadiz, simply because it shows more of the collective regional identity of the Peñasquenses.

Apart from the fantastic atmosphere and people, while you are travelling and getting to know the Puerto Peñasco Carnival, you’ll see a sucesión of dances, hear great music, play games, see masks, colour and shows that represent daily life. Fun for all the family!