Puerto Peñasco is a sought-after destination for its beaches, people, nightlife, festivities, its exquisite cuisine and also for the great sport and leisure activities it offers. With its seaside location and temperate climate, it is the perfect place for a game of football, baseball or to try out water sports.

The “Land of the Shrimp” leaves a sweet taste in the mouths of its visitors thanks to the great array of activities it has on offer for those looking for fun ways to spend their days, as well as those who prefer a piece of the nighttime action. This Mexican city, situated in the North East of the state of Sonora, is recognized as one of the most popular tourist hotspots in the north of Mexico. Apart from its magical location on the coast of the Gulf of California and its beaches with crystal clear water, Puerto Peñasco will make its visitors want to immerse themselves in the history, art, and culture which date back to less than a thousand years ago but are nevertheless replete with the stamp of Mexico.

Rocky Point is ideal for a trip alone, with family, with a partner or with friends. In any case, strolling along the promenade at sunset, maybe buying a handmade gift from a street vendor or stopping for some exquisite Costa Brava Shrimp is a great plan whoever you are with. Our trip to Puerto Peñasco is more than just eating, walking and checking out interesting and historical landmarks such as Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón, the old prison, the city’s lighthouse or the Shrimp-fisher Monument, we’ll also recharge our batteries with some pure, sea air while having a go at some of the great sports you can try out while visiting the area.

Puerto Peñasco has three major sports centers, La Milla is the biggest in the area. It boasts a baseball stadium, an athletics field, and smaller football and softball fields. When people speak about sport in Puerto Peñasco, two elements come to mind – the land and the sea. Probably the most popular land sport in Puerto Peñasco is baseball, given that Rocky Point has a professional team that competes in the League of Northern Mexico and has also competed in The North Sonora League, Los Tiburones de Puerto Peñasco or The Rocky Point Sharks. Their records include 4 titles in seven seasons, some pretty extraordinary results. Every week, they compete in the Francisco León Gracía stadium which can host more than 3,000 fans. Another stadium worth seeing is the Arturo Bravo Herrera, home to the Rocky Point Sharks Football Club, Puerto Peñasco’s professional football team.

The natural beauty that adorns Puerto Peñasco makes it the perfect venue for annual triathlon tournaments, motorbike racing across the Grand Altar Desert or cycling. Just as important are the aquatic activities you can try out in the area, such as water sports or competitive fishing.

Let’s not forget that Puerto Peñasco is a fishing town. Even though the industry and service sectors are increasingly prevalent, fishing is still at the heart of the economic activity in the region. Rocky Point owes a lot to fishing since 1920 when a group of fishermen decided to make permanent settlements in this area of Northern Mexico. You can try your hand at a spot of fishing either individually or as a group, and there is a variety of species that currently populate the area, including garopa, sierra, pompano, dorado, red snapper and horse mackerel to name but a few. The Island of San Jorge is especially good for fishing, as it is part of a rocky archipelago found within a bay which makes it a great place to find a wealth of marine biodiversity, and it is just a stone’s throw from Puerto Peñasco. The best months of the year to bring your rod to Puerto Peñasco are February, July, August, and September, although certain species such as cabrilla are in abundance all year round.

Puerto Peñasco is also known as “The Beach of Arizona” and has more than 100 kilometers of fine, sandy beaches and safe water, making them ideal for any kind of water sports whether it be yacht excursions, or more extreme water sports such as surfing, kitesurfing or sailing.

If nor land nor sea sports do it for you, you are in luck in Puerto Peñasco as it also offers a little something for the more daring of visitors – air sports – here you can fly in a hot air balloon or brave a parachute jump. So, if you are thinking of coming to Rocky Point, pack your best sports gear and a lot of adrenalin in your bag!