Puerto Peñasco is a Mexican city which lies in the north-west of the state of Sonora. It is famous for its beaches of paradise and its temperate climate throughout the whole year. The influx of tourists to this destination began in the eighties and since then, the number of visitors each year has grown and grown. Thanks to its great location and fabulous climate there are so many things to do in Puerto Peñasco.

Puerto Peñasco boasts 110 kilometres of sandy beaches which open up plenty of ways to relax and enjoy ourselves. It is one of the main attraction for tourists. However, it is not only the beaches that the city has to offer, there are many other things to do in Puerto Peñasco, such as visit monuments or explore the historic buildings dotted around the city. You won’t have a chance to get bored in this beautiful destination!

Here is our list of 10 things to do in Puerto Peñasco:

  1. See the San Jorge Islands: These islands have a surface area of around 130 square kilometres and they are protected due to the various species of animals and plants that are in danger of extinction. Apart from visiting the land, you can take a look under the surface and try diving.

  3. Venture into Puerto Viejo: It’s the oldest part of the city and it is perfect if you fancy buying some handmade souvenirs or other products typical of the area. There are so many original items to peruse and take home to a friend or loved one. When you tire of shopping, kick back in one of the many bars or restaurants.

  5. See el Pinacate and el Gran Desierto de Altar: This volcanic landscape is worth a viewing. For around three euros you can see everything there is to see there, all the plants, animals and landscapes. The way the dunes have shaped the panorama is a delight for the eyes of any traveller.

  7. Take la Choya route: situated just 5km from the centre of Puerto Peñasco, this peaceful residential area is perfect for those who are looking to disconnect. There is a rocky beach which makes the perfect backdrop for your photos. Currently, the beach isn’t a hotspot for tourists so you can stroll around stress-free.

  9. Take a dip at Playa Encanto: It is the prettiest beach in Rocky Point and it is a must-see if you visit the city.

  11. Go on a boat trip: you can reserve a boat trip in the port of Rocky Point and have a day at sea.

  13. Go kayaking around las Pozas: for the more adventurous among us, this is one of the coolest plans. You can access certain parts of the area by water that would be impossible on foot.

  15. Hire a quad bike: explore the area on a quadbike is another of our top ten things to do in Rocky Point.

  17. Visit Cetmar Aquarium: Here you can see the wealth of marine species that inhabit the Gulf of California.

  19. Visit a Tequila distillation factory: In this original trip, you can visit “The Tequila Factory” to see how it is made and sample some of this characteristic liquor.