Being single is in. Gone are the times when being single was frowned upon and terms such as spinster were used to refer to those without a partner. For those of us who aren’t tied down, it’s an opportunity to enjoy the relative freedom and take part in a wealth of activities that we couldn’t otherwise do. Spectacular locations such as Puerto Peñasco are great travel options for singles.

The Mexican city of Rocky Point receives over two and a half million visitors annually, making tourism the backbone of its economy. Across the 110 kilometers of Sandy beaches, singles have the chance to cool down in the crystal waters, relax in the sun and disconnect entirely from the humdrum of daily life. It would be a sin to go to Puerto Peñasco and not see Playa Bonita Beach, which is considered the most beautiful in the area. It’s a quiet spot with fine, white sand, easy to access and perfectly clean. Another attractive beach in the area is Playa Encanto. There is normally an abundance in pretty seashells and not as many people visit it, so it is a great place to go and really chill out.

For singles that want a little more than just beaches, Puerto Peñasco has a lot more on offer. El Pinacate and Great Altar Desert is one of the most fascinating experiences. For just three euros you can see all of the museums it holds, see authentic craters and the great biodiversity of the flora and fauna. With all the space that this beautiful landscape takes up, you will need at least a few hours to be able to see everything without rushing. The area has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, so you have an idea of just how significant this part of the world is.

Another of the most picturesque sights in the area is Puerto Viejo. In this area of the city, singles can shop til they drop at any number of shops and stalls offering their handmade goods. You can also buy fresh fish and there are lots of bars and restaurants that give the area a buzz. If you still haven’t done enough shopping, you can have a wander around Cholla Mall. Of course, there is something for everyone, but the locally made goods are especially worth mentioning.

Lastly, you cannot leave Puerto Peñasco without visiting one of its famous distilleries – The Tequila Factory, where you can learn all about the production of tequila. Singles can enjoy a tasting session of this delicious liquor as well as the dishes that they also prepare. So there you go – Puerto Peñasco has a lot more than meets the eye on offer for singles.