From 1972 up until the last event held in 2000, OTI festival has become a reference point for Latin American music. After almost two decades, the festival is back and has chosen Rocky Point as its host.

Puerto Peñasco is so much more than just beaches, magical sunsets, the famous Sonora desert, distinguished cuisine, that harmony between past and present in its traditions and folklore mixed with modern and cosmopolitan aspects… there is another valuable element: that it will be host to OTI Festival

The festival, which was the biggest music festival in Latin America for three decades, brought together talented musicians from the majority of the Spanish-speaking countries in the area, as well as uniting people over Spanish language music. Countries from all over South America participated, as did Spain.

As far as tourism is concerned, OTI Festival is expected to generate a substantial amount of visitors from around Mexico and the US and bring them to one of the hottest destinations, Puerto Peñasco, to rent an apartment and have the holiday of their dreams.

The good news is we already have a date for the big event, the fingers will come together on the 4th November at the official venue of the competition, Puerto Peñasco. Juan Carlos Serrano Young, the chief organizer of USA-Mexico OTI Festival says that “Sonora is going to paint the town red and looks forward to receiving artists from Chile, Colombia, Peru, and other countries to show exactly what we have to offer here in Puerto Peñasco and across the state in general.”